Sunday, October 3, 2010

Cooking for the fall: Apples!

I tried my hand at making Apple butter this fall. I had planned to go to an apple orchard here in CO but decided to take advantage of the specials at the supermarket to save both time and money.

Here's a link to the recipe I used: All Day Apple Butter and since it was my first time dealing with canning recipes I used this website as a guide: Canning apple butter

It was pretty easy but took a lot of time; I started it Friday evening because I used a crock pot and it was finished at about 11 am on Saturday morning.

Here are some pictures I took along the way:

I used Red Delicious Apples (18 of them!)

I sterilized the jars and used half pint size so that they could be given as gifts to people this coming holiday season

Eighteen apples got me about 7 half pint jars of apple butter.

Matt and I cracked one open for quality control. We decided it's more like apple jam and it's safe to eat. That's my most recent project. I'm sure as the weather cools off more there will be more crafty things in store :)

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  1. Very impressive! I can't wait to taste test. Hopefully we will get to go to the orchard soon ourselves for some yummy apples!